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We listened to our loyal clients, and based on the requirements of our dog parents and because your pets deserve the best , we created an amazing home away from home... 


GOOD SNIFF INN provides a safe and fun environment for your pets, located on a privileged spot close to all major routes , but hidden from the noise of the city. 


Your loved ones will have access to nature, covered playgrounds, walks in the woods, and a fantastic group of trained staff. 

All dogs attending must have the following requirements:

Up to date on vaccinations (Rabies, DAPP, Bordetella).

Spayed and neutered (if older than 6 months of age)

Non-aggressive with other dogs and people.


  • Always Open 

  • Daily pictures and reports 

  • Built in Nature, for a one of a kind experience

  • Walks on Trails - (group or individually) 

  • Walking distance to conservation area

  • Daily Daycare attendance 

  • Structured Play/learn/rest daily cycle 

  • Supervised play 

  • Experienced professional pet care staff 

  • Separate play times for small dogs, young dogs and mature dogs

  • Individual/family accommodation 

  • Indoor and outdoor exercise and play areas

  • Turf outdoor playground 

  • Indoor playground for inclement weather

  • Additional services:  Grooming prior to pick up date, Taxi Service (rates will apply depending on location) 


1 - 3 nights: $80

4 - 10 nights: $70 

10+ nights:  $60

If multiple dogs in the same household , refer to the table above

multiplying dogs x nights 


Open 7 Days a Week 


Pay As You Go

3 Hrs:              $30

Half Day 5 Hrs:  $40

Full Day:           $50

Weekly Rates

2x a week : $90

3x a week : $130

4x a week : $170

5x a week : $200

6x a week : $240

7x a week : $280


Buy 10 , get one free 


Daycare + Training:     $90 per day

Boarding + Training:   $130 per night            

Package 2 week boarding + training: $1680

Package 4 week boarding + training: $3080

Our training covers fundamental commands and behaviors that every dog should know to live comfortably and safely in a human household. These basic commands and behaviors include:

  1. Sit: Teaching your dog to sit on command is one of the first and most essential behaviors to master. It's a way to manage your dog's energy and prevent jumping on people.

  2. Stay: Teaching your dog to stay in one place until given permission to move is crucial for their safety and your control.

  3. Come (Recall): Teaching your dog to come when called is vital for their safety, especially when off-leash.

  4. Down (Lie Down): This command helps calm your dog and keeps them from jumping or being overly excited.

  5. Leave it/Drop it: Teaching your dog to leave or drop objects or items they've picked up can prevent accidents and protect your belongings.

  6. Heel/Walk on a Leash: Training your dog to walk on a leash without pulling is important for walks and outings.

  7. Basic Obedience: Basic obedience includes general manners like not jumping on people, not barking excessively, and not biting or nipping.

  8. Socialization: Proper socialization with other dogs and people is crucial to prevent fear or aggression issues.

  9. Basic Grooming: Some basic grooming behaviors, such as brushing and nail trimming, may also be part of training.

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