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Winter Breeds ...

Your dog needs to be exercised. winter is fun, however the extreme temperatures can harm you loved ones.

Some breeds handle the cold weather better than other ones, here is our list of the top 10:

1. Akita

Akita's are members of the Spits -or Nordic Dogs Family , known for the fluffy tightly turned tail and very double coat which consists on an external water proof layer coat and also a dense soft undercoat.

Their bone structure and strong muscles allow them to climb steeped mountains in deep snow.

The Akita has a very thick coat, they are also one of the most primitive dogs on the planet, very closely link with the wolf

2. Alaskan Malamute

They have a large dense bone structure and heavy muscles, wide chest for pulling and strong back legs to push forward. Their black pigmentation on their nose prevent harm of sunburn and blistering from the ice, but their greatest "superpower" are their bear like paws , the claws extend out to grip the ice and the they work as snow shoes spreading the weight across a greater surface area to prevent sinking into the snow. Their oily coat repel dirt as well as moister. They change coats seasonally, require frequent brushing.

3. Siberian Husky

They come from the extreme north east of Siberia they were brought to America through Alaska in 1909. This breed has very particular blue eyes - other variations - , they have well furred toes for insulation , strong claws for traction, they have a very dense double layered coat which help them with extreme temperatures of the Arctic.

This dog can change their metabolism, this means that they can run for hours , burning energy but reserving their fat stores prevents them from getting fatigued.

The dense double coat requires frequent attention.

4. Keeshond

The National Dog of the Netherlands, They look like mini Teddy Bears, it was breed in the sixteen century in Holland. This breed has a particular grey color in their coat.

They have a double coat , which protect them from the elements. Require brushing every other day to prevent matting.

5. Norweigan Elkhound

It was the pride of the vikings, double coat and breed for hunting bears or wolfs. Now their main use to hunt Moose.

They have a very thick coat who helps them to support the cold weather

6. Samoyed

Originally created in Siberia, they belong to one of the 14 older breeds in the world, they were used to pull sleds and work in very cold weather. Based on their double coat and long hair they require especial attention to their coat to avoid matting.

7. Saint Bernard

Known around the world for their heroism, they are the original avalanche rescue dog, they have an instinct desire to seek out and search for people, their nose can detect a person buried under 20 ft of snow.

You can find them long and short hair

8. Newfoundland

Breed to be retrievers - water, Originally from Newfoundland - Canada, their thick and long double coat protects them from freezing ocean waters. Super swimmers , also known as life guard dogs .

They are loyal intelligent dogs, who only wants to please you. One of the best breeds for families with small children.

9. Bernese Mountain Dog

Built to pull carts, they are known to pull 10 times their body weight, originally from Switzerland

They have a long silky coat, they are able to stand cold temperatures.

10 . Rough Collie

Developed on the hills of Scotland and Whales to be helper, guard dog and human companion. They have a long thick double coat, who protects them from the cold weather.

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